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Welcome To Clear Creek Dentistry in Cleveland TX

We are pleased to announce that Clear Creek Dentistry, PLLC is going to become Hardwood Forest Family Dentistry! Dr. Cynthia Dennis, D.D.S. has been providing excellent dental care to our patients and will show great promise to the community as a dental provider. As part of this transition, Clear Creek Dentistry, PLLC will conclude operations on October 29th, 2020, and Hardwood Forest Family Dentistry will resume dental services in our current office location, after a brief credentialing period. As a new office, Dr. Dennis will be undertaking the credentialing process, which can take 60-90 days or longer to complete. As such, Hardwood Forest Family Dentistry and Dr. Dennis will be unable to see insurance patients until that time.  

Therefore, Clear Creek Dentistry, PLLC will be available for 30 days of this notice for emergencies only of existing patients, or to complete any work that is “in-process” (crowns, bridges or dentures still be made or awaiting delivery), after which, Clear Creek will conclude operations and no more patient appointments will be scheduled.  

If you must see a dentist in the next 60-90 days, it is advisable to seek another dentist. We also enthusiastically encourage you to seek dental care from Dr. Cynthia Dennis as Hardwood Forest Family Dentistry becomes available. 

If you need to contact us for emergencies, please call 832-480-5090.  To transfer records to a new dental office, please email


Thank you!

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